Tourmaline PEMF Infrared Bio-Mat 1000 Negative Ions


We offer the only Bio Tourmaline PEMF Infared Healing Mat in the World. Our Bio Tourmaline PEMF Infared Healing Mat is built with custom tourmaline magnetic seramic. This Bio Tourmaline PEMF Infared Healing Mat may increase circulation, it may provide enhanced cellular regeneration, detoxification.  This unit includes a PEMF controlller. The PEMF controller enhances the healing capability of the Tourmaline Magnetic Far Infared Bio Mat. This mat puts off around 1000 negative Ions which is an optimal level of negative ions that our bodies and all living things thrive off of.

Negative ions are found in nature especially where there are stones, sands, crystals outdoors or indoors and when you combine an electrical field around crystals like amethyst and tourmaline not only do you get far infrared waves but you get negatively charged ions which are basically electric food for our bodies, mind and spirit.

General Specs:
Bio Tourmaline PEMF Infrared Healing Mat: 180x60cm/ 10.5Kgs (71×24 in/ 23 lb) Stone: 16pcs half & 667pcs hexagon tourmaline ceramics ( Diagonal: 31mm ) Heating area: 148x43cm (58×17 in) Function:heating therapy, Far Infrared rays, negative ion,Health Care Power: 110/220V, 50/60Hz 220W Plug: America, Europe, UK, Italy, Australia, and China.



These are our special tourmaline magnetic ceramic stones that are located on the top of the mat.




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Date: December 30, 2016

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